01. The mother was holding her daughter in her arms, and trying to [console] her after her kitten was hit by a car.
02. I lost the game, but I [consoled] myself with the knowledge that I had improved a lot nonetheless.
03. Yona's friends did their best to [console] her after she saw her boyfriend kissing another girl at the party.
04. It is little [consolation] to know that the kid who beat up my son has been caught; nothing will really happen to him, and he won't even have to apologize.
05. The old woman was completely [inconsolable] after the death of her husband.
06. She lost the tournament in the final round, but she won a new tennis racquet as a [consolation] prize.
07. The musicians were sitting around the [console], making the final changes to the mixing of their newest song.
08. After our puppy died, my daughter was [inconsolable] for days.
09. The President personally went to the hospital to [console] the survivors of the terrorist attack.
10. The boys sat in front of the video [console] for hours, playing game after game.
11. Sir Francis Bacon once wrote that imagination was given to man to compensate him for what he is not, a sense of humor to [console] him for what he is.
12. Berthe Morisot once observed that the love of nature is [consolation] against failure.
13. Earl Warren once said that when he turned 40, a friend [consoled] him, saying he shouldn't complain about growing old because many people do not have that privilege.
14. The Greek philosopher Democritus once wrote, "If you suffer injustice, [console] yourself; the true unhappiness is in doing it."
15. Studies suggest that Chinese babies cry less, and are more easily [consoled] than American babies.
16. I know you didn't get the job, but if it is any [consolation], you were the second choice out of over 20 applicants.
17. A Swiss proverb notes that great [consolation] may grow out of the smallest saying.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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